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Money lost due to business identity theft*

8 6 2020 12 30
*Projections based on avg. losses per year

Protect your

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Identity thieves typically impersonate businesses in order to steal their assets and money. The thieves will illegally claim ownership of your business's assets or cash out unauthorized loans taken out in your business's name, leaving you holding the bill.

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Criminals impersonating your business can hurt your business partners and tarnish your business's reputation with the public and financial institutions.

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Identity thieves impersonating your business can steal your customers' information, harming them, and costing you future business.

Is this a serious problem?

Portrait of Ralph Gagliardi
Business identity theft is one of the biggest problems facing American businesses today, but virtually no one knows about it."
Ralph Gagliardi
A Colorado-based criminal investigator who leads one of the nation’s only law enforcement units dedicated to business identity theft."

"Newport Beach couple charged with stealing $5.9 million in real estate fraud scheme" - LA Times

hubert_kuo (1)
I know firsthand how expensive litigation can be just to resolve problems caused by ID theft criminals.  For a nominal fee, Company Alarm prevents criminals from destroying your business
Hubert H. Kuo
Litigation Attorney at Ardent Law Group, in Newport Beach, CA

Get Peace of Mind

We help protect your business with active monitoring and real time visibility so you can focus on what you do best. You deserve to have assurance and peace of mind that your business security is rock solid.
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Dream + Build

You work hard to build a business you love, earn financial freedom, and to live the good life -your American dream.


Monitors +
Helps Protect

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Scam + Steal

Thieves target you and steal what you've worked hard to build. There are gaps in system that allow them to do so.

We Know What Business Identity Theft is Because It Happened To Us

Company Alarm founder lost $5 million dollars to this crime

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Ralph Gagliardi,
Criminal Investigator

Company Alarm protects business owners from this costly crime. Seeing countless horror stories of this crime, I truly believe every person with an LLC must protect themselves.

Picture of Robin Smith

Robin Smith,
President and Chairman, The Cura Foundation

Company Alarm is a sorely needed enterprise for the protection of a company’s ownership and registration in the state of Nevada, which that state does not provide!

Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks,
Cyber Security Ambassador

Company Alarm is on the front wave of a problem that is sweeping American business owners. This problem is HUGE and no one knows!

Picture of Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan MBA,
Angel Investor

Company Alarm is like LifeLock for businesses. It’s the best protection available against business identity theft.

We Can Help You Protect Your Business - It's Easy!

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    Sign Up
    Just enter a little information about your business and you’re all set
  • Step 2
    We Monitor
    Watch in real time as Company Alarm’s software routinely looks for any unauthorized changes to your business’ information
  • Step 3
    You Build
    Build your company with no concerns that cybercriminals are secretly stealing your business

What We Do

At Company Alarm, we know you want to focus on your business, on serving your customers. But you can’t do that well if you’re distracted with worries or spending your time getting to the bottom of mysterious bills that have suddenly appeared in the mail. We believe business owners should focus on their businesses – not fending off criminals.

We understand how frightening and confusing identity theft can be. That’s why we developed software to monitor your business’ online information for any changes to your addresses, phone numbers, or managing members. The moment anything is changed, we send you a text message with the specific details. If the change was something you or your partners authorized, no big deal. But if it’s not, our early warning gives you plenty of time to contact your bank and the authorities to prevent criminals from ruining your business. Gain peace of mind with Company Alarm today.

Victim Stories


A couple illegally pulled $5.9 million in equity from three homes by filing false business documents with the state of Delaware. The three homes were owned by Delaware companies. The couple filed fraudulent paperwork removing the proper owners of the companies and replacing their names with their own. The couple then turned around and convinced "hard money" lenders that since they were the owners of the companies that they held the deeds of trust for the homes. That's how they were able to make off with $5.9 million in equity from the homes until they were arrested by authorities.


The former partner of a Wyoming businessman used the Wyoming Secretary of State's website to improperly remove the businessman as the listed manager of his company and replace it with his own name. Then the former partner used his on-paper status as the manager of the businessman's company to steal the businessman's proprietary software and use it for his own company. The businessman has been battling his former partner in court for more than a year and was forced to start an entirely new company.


A Washington state scam artist tried selling two small, private planes he didn't own by filing fraudulent paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration that removed the rightful owners and replaced them with his own name. He was caught in an undercover sting by agents with the Department of Homeland Security.

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