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A Report by Company Alarm
Cover of Lurking in the Shadows report

Major civic and private-sector institutions woefully under prioritize Business Identity Theft

This study by Company Alarm, the nationwide leader in business identity theft protection, sought to document both how much government agencies and private business and organizations know about business identity theft and how much they’re educating the public about it. Our findings show what Company Alarm has long suspected: that business identity theft is simply not a priority for leaders in government and business.

What's Inside the Report?

Surveyed 287 Institutions

We started by identifying 287 American institutions that we thought would be well positioned to know about business identity theft and spread the word about it to the public.

Researched BID Online Footprint

We carefully reviewed the websites of these institutions to see what, if anything, they are writing about business identity theft.

7 Recommendations for this Problem

Based on our research we have 7 recommendations we think could greatly help prevent business Identity theft in the future.

About Company Alarm

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