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About Company Alarm

Business Identity Theft is a crime in which cybercriminals steal a business owner’s assets by silently transferring control of their company to someone else.

Company Alarm was created to stop that threat. It provides business owners with 24/7 monitoring of their vital business information which the State requires them to register online. If any of that information changes, the business owner receives an immediate text alert so the damage can be prevented. Additionally, Company Alarm also empowers business owners through advocacy and education concerning today’s important business issues, thereby enhancing their ability to better safeguard their “American Dream.”

Our Mission

At Company Alarm, our core values are non-negotiable. What are some of those values?

  • In America, we believe dreams come true every day. We believe that when you work hard, are determined, and take initiative, you can have unimaginable success and prosperity.
  • We believe in conscious capitalism, the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and individuals being free to achieve their version of “the good life” through business and entrepreneurship.
  • We consider business people to be heroes of the American dream. They are role models and the backbone of the U.S. economy.
Unfortunately, not everyone shares our values. In fact, there are untold numbers of cybercriminals trying to steal the wealth others have worked so hard to achieve by hijacking their business identities.

That’s why our mission includes empowering business owners to stay out of their reach. Thus:

  • We also believe strongly in advocacy.
  • We believe it’s our responsibility to use our experiences and expertise to make a difference and help our fellow entrepreneurs.
  • We believe we are called to a higher standard to be agents of change in the face of injustice and wrongdoing.

We're here to be an advocate for business people, to help them preserve and protect the ideals on which they are building their good life, their American dream.

Company Alarm strives to become the industry standard for business identity protection solutions in all 50 states. We are results-driven and committed to transparent, collaborative partnerships that allow business people to focus their energy on growing their companies and continuing to prosper.

Through non-stop monitoring and fast action, cybercriminals can be stopped in their tracks before they can inflict any further harm.

That’s the core function of Company Alarm, but we offer much more.

Committed to a results-driven work ethic, we are driven by our non-negotiable core values. Those include transparency, empathy, support, and a relentless pursuit of justice. We are all-in as compassionate people helping other people to achieve our common goals

Our No. 1 asset is integrity. The team we assemble believes that working collaboratively and honesty, with no ego but lots of passion and humility, can make a lasting difference and help protect our heroes of the American dream – business people.


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