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A Letter from our Founder's Heart


Hi. My name is Andy Pham.  

I’ve lived the American Dream.  

But since December 31, 2015, my American Dream has become a business nightmare. I thought my Nevada-registered company was safe. I thought the State of Nevada would protect me and all businessmen like me. I was wrong. Assumptions are dangerous, and so my Nevada business fell prey to a “business identity theft” criminal.

It has been more than three years since my business was hijacked by a stranger who simply logged onto the Nevada Secretary of State’s website (called Silverflume) and in seconds, removed me as the Managing Member of my own company, all without my knowledge. By the time I found out, this person essentially converted my company and all its assets into his, borrowed $1.75 million dollars against my land and business. This brought my credit to the point of foreclosure.  On paper, I purportedly owe nearly $1.75 million dollars. I suffered both financially and emotionally, and my health declined, all as a result of this.

I believe no one should have to go through what I’ve gone through to protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. 

Not surprisingly, after an article about what happened to me was published nationally, I came in contact with many other victims of Business Identity Theft. Their stories encouraged me to research and discover how to solve this for you. I formed Company Alarm which will monitor changes to your company on the Secretary of State’s website, and provide real-time alerts to your own cellphone, whenever changes to your business status occurs.

This is a huge benefit to all Nevada businesses, which has never been accomplished or available before. It took the dedication of nearly a dozen professionals with over 75 years of combined experience in

(1) Criminal Investigations (our head leads one of the nation’s only law enforcement units specifically dedicated to business identity theft);

(2) Software Programming (our head is a former programmer involved with national security);

(3) Investigative Journalism (Our leader has won numerous national journalism awards and his articles has appeared such prestigious national publications as Orange County Register, LA Times, Las Vegas Review Journal); 

(4) Business Entrepreneurship (many key leaders in the state and national business community who saw the big unmet desire to save Nevada’s businesses).

You worked hard to build your business, and its associated credit and reputation to provide for your family, to gain financial freedom, to make an impact. Whatever your reason, you likely never expected that you would have to protect it from unscrupulous criminals. You likely assumed the State would protect you. I found out the hard way that this isn’t so.  

Building Company Alarm will ensure that as many companies as possible will be protected from the type of misery I endured. It’s a remarkable company with a remarkable software monitoring and alarm detection system, supervised by a multi-million dollar cast of professionals all combined to serve you……for less than a few cups of coffee. I am still working on my case, with over $400,000 in legal fees paid thus far. 

But you won’t have to mirror my misfortune. 

Company Alarm is here, working around the clock on your behalf. I only wish I had it three years ago! Now, at least you do!

I’m very happy to welcome you aboard!

Let’s work together to PRESERVE YOUR AMERICAN DREAM.



Photo property of Las Vegas Review Journal

This is me - brokenhearted - removing the For Sale sign on my property. The cybercriminals borrowed against my land, defaulted, and then tried to sell my property. ;-(


Company Alarm is dedicated to helping business owners protect what they have worked so hard to build. Our monitoring software is designed to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting loopholes to hijack your company and assets. To sign up for this low-cost, value-added protection, click here.

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