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Do Secretaries of State Handle Business Registration in All States?


As you probably know by now, I started Company Alarm after a holding company I controlled was hijacked by an identity thief using the Nevada Secretary of State’s online business portal SilverFlume.

After that experience, I came to learn a great deal about business identity theft, including that state agencies like the Nevada Secretary of State inadvertently help cybercriminals by posting identifying information about registered businesses online and making it easy to file business registration documents using their portals.

In short, the policies are a mess – but that’s another story. We’re here to talk about the mechanics of registering businesses in America.

In the United States, business registration is handled at the state level – and each state does it a little differently. Generally speaking, business registration is overseen by your local Secretary of State. But that’s not true in every state.

In Arizona, business registration is handled by the Arizona Corporation Commission. In Florida, it’s the Division of Corporations. In Hawaii, it’s the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. In Idaho, it’s the State Tax Commission.

To figure out what agency to contact in your state (or the state in which you want to register a business), you need to Google the state name and the words “business registration.” Or you can let us look it up for you.

Below is a list of all 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.), with a link to the agency in each state responsible for registering businesses.

Think of it as a one-stop list for business registration agencies in the United States.

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