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Start Protecting Your Business from ID Theft Today -- For Free


Everyone is juggling a lot right now. We're worried about our health and the economy, we're trying to balance caring for our kids and meeting our work-from-home responsibilities, and we're struggling with cabin fever. 

You shouldn't have to worry about the safety of your business, too. Here at Company Alarm, we want you to have one less thing to worry about. 

That’s why we’re offering our business identity theft monitoring app for FREE through July 15th.

Cybercriminals may take advantage of the current work environment

With COVID-19 not only upsetting our daily routines, but also necessitating the early release of white-collar criminals, cyber crime, including identity theft, is on the rise. And, believe me, I know just how devastating identity theft can be to businesses. 

A few years ago, cybercriminals exploited a systematic weakness in the process for registering businesses and hijacked a holding company I was using to store a $5 million piece of land. Unbeknownst to me, these criminals seized control of my company and land and used it to secure nearly $2 million in illicit loans from private lenders. Then they moved my land into a new LLC and tried to sell it. 

Is Business Identity Theft really a thing?

This sort of scam is known as business identity theft, the criminal cousin of the more widely known personal identity theft -- and it's on the rise. Not long ago, the IRS reported that incidents of business identity theft had increased 2,757 percent in one year.

Business identity theft is disastrous. I've spent years in court and more than $400,000 fighting to get my land and company back -- and the case is still ongoing! Scams like this can bankrupt companies big or small

How we can help!

That's why I founded Company Alarm, a software-as-a-service venture dedicated to protecting businesses from identity theft. Our proprietary monitoring software continuously scans government websites where business registration information is stored. If any of that information is ever changed -- say the address of the business or the names of its managing members -- our software will notify business owners immediately, via detailed text messages. 

I would have been grateful for such an alert when my business was hijacked. Company Alarm has worked with experts in business identity theft to develop a security shield that will put an end to this burgeoning crime.

But now is not the time to charge for our services. With cybercrime on the upswing, I want to protect every business owner from my fate. That's why we're making Company Alarm's monitoring services free for all new subscribers from now until July 15. 


Company Alarm is dedicated to helping business owners protect what they have worked so hard to build. Our monitoring software is designed to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting loopholes to hijack your company and assets. To sign up for this low-cost, value-added protection, click here.

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