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How Registered Agents Can Use Company Alarm to Retain Clients


We started Company Alarm to protect businesses from identity theft. That’s an important mission and one I’m incredibly proud to be tackling. But I’m also proud that Company Alarm’s services can benefit more than just worried business owners.

Indeed, one of the great beneficiaries of Company Alarm and its services are registered agents.

Registered agents, as I’m sure you know, help business owners register their businesses with the government. They might be designated by a business to receive its notices and government correspondence, and they’re essential to business owners who are not physically located within the states where their businesses are registered.

The work of a registered agent is an important one. But I also know it’s a tough, competitive industry – in large part because they have to work with business owners like me. Business owners are busy. We register a new company and then dive into the hard work of making that business successful. We often forget about things like paying the annual fees for renewing our business registrations.

But I’ve learned that our forgetfulness can actually hurt our registered agents. That’s because when business owners let their company registrations lapse, rival registered agents use that as an opportunity to poach clients.

Oops – I forgot

I oversee dozens of businesses. Every year, it seems, my office manager forgets to renew a couple of business registrations. Whenever that happens, I get mail from other registered agents reminding me that my companies have lapsed and offering to take care of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why these registered agents are reaching out to me. They figure my registered agent didn’t remind me to renew my registration and are using it as a chance to grow their client base. It’s a savvy business move.

But I feel bad for my registered agents. Almost 100 percent of the time, it’s not their fault I forgot to renew my registrations. It’s mine or my staff’s. We just got distracted. And now their competitors are on the attack.

Company Alarm, however, can protect a registered agent’s client base from poachers. How? Through our registration-reminder feature.

Not just business identity theft monitoring

Company Alarm’s main service offering is, of course, our 24-hour monitoring of your business information. We’ll let you know, via text message, immediately if any of your business’s information is changed on file with your local Secretary of State.

But that’s not our only feature. We also allow our customers to sign up for text message reminders when their annual business renewals are due.

This is an incredibly simple service – but a vital one for business owners and their registered agents. The reminders are good for business owners because they help prevent late fees. They’re good for registered agents because they help your clients stay on top of their renewals and not become the target of poachers.

In my experience, most registered agents remind their clients about their renewals through mailings or e-mails. I’m too busy to pay much attention to the daily stream of correspondence I receive in my inboxes. But I do pay attention to my text messages.

Registered agents who sign their clients up for Company Alarm’s registration reminders can be confident that their clients will know when their renewals are due. And if they know, they’ll renew on time – and no rival registered agents will have a chance to steal your clients.

It’s a great client-retention program for registered agents. And it’s just one of the side benefits of Company Alarm’s monitoring.

Company Alarm is dedicated to helping business owners protect what they have worked so hard to build. Our monitoring software is designed to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting loopholes to hijack your company and assets. To sign up for this low-cost, value-added protection, click here.

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