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What Makes Business People So Awesome? Let Us Count the Ways!


We heart business people. ❤️

Company Alarm has a strong core belief that business people are the heroes of the American dream

Business people have a vision for a better world. They develop new ways to exist in the world, bring new products to market that make consumers’ lives better, provide jobs and livelihoods for employees who share their vision, and advocate for causes using their business as a platform to impact the world. 

Business people make things happen

They invest time and money into the things they believe in and invite others to do the same. They work hard, and not only build wealth and financial freedom for themselves but personify the values of what it means to be an American – that if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Business people are talented artisans and big-picture thinkers. 
They are movers and shakers and innovative decision-makers. 
And they work hard. 
They sacrifice. 
They don’t give up. 
They overcome with grit, creativity, and resourcefulness.
And they are passionately dedicated.

Those are all traits we admire because we recognize them as the foundation of opportunity in the United States of America. The “land of the free.” The land of opportunity for those willing to seize it. 

It’s pretty clear we are not shy about our admiration for business people. Recently, we asked our team at Company Alarm to share their thoughts on why business people are awesome and what they evoke in us. We’ve started our list of a million reasons we love business people. If you’re reading this, we are probably talking about YOU!

(Note: This is a living document, and each time we’re inspired by the bravery of selflessness of a business person, we’ll be adding to the list).

Business People

  1. Believe we all have brilliance inside of us, it just needs to be harnessed

     No one believes in the American dream more than business people. They cherish their freedom and individuality and enjoy building other people up and showing them how to achieve their dreams, too. 
  2. Support communities 

    They create jobs, lead civic causes, work with local schools and contribute to their local  tax base, raising the value of residential property.
  3. Find opportunities where there are needs and fill in the gaps

    From professional services to bakeries, auto repair shops, and veterinary practices, entrepreneurs provide what communities need. 
  4. Increase efficiency through innovation

    Thomas Edison spent more time perfecting existing products and processes than he did inventing new ones. Modern business people are always making things better for everyone else.
  5. Mentor and inspire the next generation

    Business people create internships and apprenticeships and share their knowledge and expertise with students and others who want to learn. 
  6. Lead by example

    Business owners typically work the longest hours and make the most sacrifices. They don’t expect any more from their employees than they do from themselves. 
  7.  Follow their passion and not tow a line

    Once inspired, business people become laser-focused on achieving their dream. They are self-motivated and dance to their own tune.
  8.  Care about making a mark on history more than themselves

    Legacy is important to business people. They don’t want to be remembered as much as they want their work and ideas to endure. 
  9.  Instill values in their children and teach them the importance of hard work

    Business people don’t always pass their businesses down to their children, but they show them the fundamentals of success and how they can be applied throughout their own lives.
  10. Don't take relationships for granted

    Business is built on trust and forging bonds. Business owners cultivate important relationships with peers, clients, and customers and go the extra mile to keep those bonds strong.
  11. Respect other business owners

    No one lives in a vacuum, and business people are hyper-aware and supportive of their peers.
  12. Never stop learning

    The world is always in flux and that’s especially true of the business world. Business owners put in whatever time is needed to stay on top and ahead of trends and new technology.  
  13. Love humanity more than themselves

    Faith in their fellow humans is a driving force for business people.
  14. Struggle and fight for honesty and fairness
    Business people think everyone should be competing on a level playing field and they believe in transparency and delivering on one’s word 100% of the time.

Business People are
  1. Agents of change

    Consider the number of world-changing businesses that started in someone’s garage.
  2. Dreamers and doers

    Many people come up with terrific business ideas. It takes a dedicated grinder to make it a reality.
  3. More philanthropic 

    From youth sports to fundraisers for local causes and scholarships, they are always giving back 
  4. Good neighbors

    They are there in times of need. They make their communities a more enjoyable place to live and visit, and their contributions take the local tax burden off of residential property owners. 
  5. Confident and influential 

    Business people are leaders in their communities and help bring about a better way of life for all citizens.
  6. Resilient

    Life has its ups and downs and so does business. Business people learn to roll with the punches and when they are knocked down, they always get up, dust themselves off, and get back to work.
  7. Unicorns who have magical powers

    No explanation needed!
Anywhere you look, whether it’s a revitalized neighborhood or city, fashion trends, the entertainment world or your local dog park, the influence of business people is everywhere to be seen. Like poets, business people are dreamers. But they are also doers and that makes them both the heartbeat and the backbone of our country. And you can add that to the list of what makes them awesome! 

Business people are at risk of being victims of business identity theft

When we realized (unfortunately from experience) that business owners are vulnerable and can have their business identity and assets stolen at any time due to government inefficiencies, it broke our hearts. We understand how hard they work to achieve success and how important these folks are to our economy and society as a whole. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the breaches and thefts involving personal identity, and you may have even experienced personal identity theft yourself – or know someone who has. Well, cybercriminals realized that business people are juicier targets, as they often have more assets, greater lines of credit, and are sometimes easier to scam because they are super busy.

Here’s our report on Business Identity Theft Schemes and what to look for.

Company Alarm is dedicated to helping business owners protect what they have worked so hard to build. Our monitoring software is designed to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting loopholes to hijack your company and assets. To sign up for this low-cost, value-added protection, click here.

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