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Board of Advisors

Andy Pham

Early-Stage Tech Investor/Advisor. Serial Entrepreneur. Dream Builder.

Andy Pham is a serial entrepreneur with business interests in more than a half a dozen states. A graduate of UC Irvine, Andy is an early-stage tech investor and advisor with experience and interests in industries including real estate, transportation, oil & gas, technology, and packaged consumer goods. Andy has spent the last 30+ years focused on building businesses through the power of relationships and enterprise engagement.

Andy became passionate about business identity theft after one of his own companies was hijacked and he lost control of a $5 million piece of land in Las Vegas. A native of Vietnam, Andy came to the United States at age 12 and built his network of businesses from scratch over more than two decades of work.

Andy Pham, Founder of Company Alarm

Ralph Gagliardi

A Colorado-based criminal investigator who leads one of the nation’s only law enforcement units dedicated to business identity theft.

Ralph Gagliardi is a Colorado-based criminal investigator who leads one of the nation's only law enforcements units dedicated to policing business identity theft. He boasts 29 years of law enforcement experience and is a subject matter expert in complex fraud and organized crime investigations. The unit he leads investigates crimes that include business email compromise, wire fraud and many others where technology is used in the commission of a crime.

Ralph’s team regularly conducts cybercrime and identity theft education for private and public sectors focusing on best practices, prevention and awareness. Ralph assists in the development of policy and legislative efforts pertaining to identity theft and fraud and cybercrime. He is a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and a member of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and local Colorado CFE chapter.

Chuck Brooks

Globally recognized expert on cybersecurity, risk management and emerging technologies.

Named “Top Tech Fellow” to follow by LinkedIn, Chuck Brooks has been recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity.

As a senior executive in government relations, Chuck has had two senior Presidential appointments including being the first Director of The Science & Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security. He served as top advisor to the late Senator Arlen Specter on Capitol Hill covering security and technology issues. He has served in executive roles for both General Dynamics Mission Systems and Rapiscan, while simultaneously serving as Brand Ambassador for the Cyber Security Collaborative, an organization comprised of the top Fortune 100 cybersecurity leaders. In academia, Chuck is adjunct Faculty at Georgetown University’s Applied Intelligence Program and graduate Cybersecurity Programs. He has an MA in International relations from the University of Chicago. He is a member of the EC-Council Global Advisory Board for TVM – Threat and Vulnerability Management. He is on the MIT Technology Review Advisory Panel and acts as a subject matter expert o the Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC), a Department of Defense (DOD) organization. He is an Advisory Board Member of the Quantum Security Alliance, a featured presenter to the FBI and has served as a Technology Partner Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



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