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Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals

You've heard of personal identity theft, but did you know Business Identity Theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes that could cost your company millions?

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Protect Your Assets

We help protect your business with active monitoring and real time visibility so you can focus on what you do best. You deserve to have assurance and peace of mind that your business security is rock solid.
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Dream + Build

You work hard to build a business you love, earn financial freedom, and to live the good life -your American dream.

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Monitors +
Helps Protect

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Scam + Steal

Thieves target you and steal what you've worked hard to build. There are gaps in system that allow them to do so.

Is Business Identity Theft Really a Thing?

46%Increase in fraudulent business filings between 2015-2017

Source: Internal Revenue Service

2,757%Increase in business identity theft in just one year.

Source: Dun & Bradstreet

$200 milIn assets stolen from business owners in 2018

Source: National Cybersecurity Society

1000'sof business owners with assets stolen.

Source: National Cybersecurity Society

Features / Benefits

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When your business information on file with the Secretary of State is changed, we send you specific and immediate mobile text alerts of all the changes that have occurred.

  • Real-time Mobile Text Alerts
  • Managing Member Alerts
  • Change of Address Alerts
  • Change of Email Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Answers? Find them here!

Q :: How does the Company Alarm monitoring service work?

A:: We monitor the information on SoS websites and text business owners the moment their information changes. That allows business owners to act fast and regain control of their companies before cybercriminals have a chance to drain assets and do any other damage.

Q :: How much does it cost to use the software?

A:: $99 per year using your National.Biz coupon code. To begin discounted coverage, click here.

Q :: How difficult or time-consuming is it to get set up and going?
A:: It is quick and easy. No hardware or set up required. It only takes a minute or two to fill out this simple form and you are protected as soon as you hit "submit."
Q :: How will I be notified if there’s a breach?

A:: By text message in real-time straight to your cell phone. This allows you to take action on the same day and save your business.

Q :: What do I have to do if I get a text alert?

A:: Immediately contact your secretary of state’s office to restore any false information on your company’s registration to its corrected state. Then, file a report with your local police agency. Learn more about the steps you will need to take here.

Q :: Does Company Alarm offer support 24/7?

A::  ABSOLUTELY!  We monitor your information 24/7 and alert you by text of any changes the moment they occur.