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Fraud 101: Digital Bank Account Change Requests


Today I wanna talk to you about business email compromise, or BEC. Cybercriminals steal billions and billions of dollars each year off of this scheme, and any business that wires money can be a victim.

These criminals will send you an email, text, or fax impersonating business executives, employees, vendors, or other partners asking you to make a bank account change. And then, when a legitimate payment is made via wire transfer, those funds now go to a bank account controlled by the fraudsters.




Don't fall for it.

Never, ever make a bank account change solely based on an email, text, or fax. Those things can be faked. And finally, have a verification process in place any time bank details are changed. I prefer a phone call, among other things. But, whatever you do, have a policy, train to it, and follow it. Thank you, and be well.

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